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About Mellie

Joyful + authentic. Pure of heart and spirit. I'm here to clear the path and uncover your wings so you can soar higher... and higher... and higher.

 Me + one of my abstract frequency-encoded alchemical pieces!

Me + one of my abstract frequency-encoded alchemical pieces!


Mellie (Melanie) Test, M.S.

Hi there! Welcome! 

I created this website as a place where I can offer the modalities I've been most recently drawn to practice, with Sacred Embodiment: the Method underlying them all. No matter which modalities I am guided to include in a session, integrating them with SETM ensures that the assistance you receive is distortion- and agenda-free. I choose to support and enhance your own self-sovereignty and self-empowerment; it's beyond time to be free from guru ego distortions and the false hierarchy.

I'm here to assist magical beings - like YOU - in BEing more of your inherent magical, beautiful, empowered selves. 

I work with those who are no longer content to rely on traditional and outdated paradigms, systems, and structures. With those who are done giving their power away to self-appointed gurus driven by ego, or being seduced by the hype of "instant manifestation and magick."

I work with those who have sensed that there's another way, a more efficient and powerful way to clear the path so they can step into the full depth of their essence. I'm here for those who are ready to do the real work, at the deepest of levels, so that positive change is permanent.

I help others expand and ground their own creative essence. As we clear what's standing in the way of claiming your full power, we ground other aspects of your life and business. My goal is to clear your energetic field and thereby activate the true depth of your own wisdom and magic. By clearing what's distorting your full magical expression, you shine brighter and become more empowered and magnetic.

I also use my own intuitive connection to create magical artwork (including five original and powerful oracle decks) which activate high-vibrational frequencies and light codes in my viewers. Through art and healing, we get in touch with the true depth of your own wisdom and magic: your own unique essence. We spark your imagination, heighten your intuition, and move you towards the true magnificence of who you are meant to be. 

Ultimately, I teach you to use whatever resources you have to show up and be fully your Self, without waiting for the "perfect" circumstances (which don't really exist, by the way).

Play where you are. With what you have. As you BE.

The Backstory

I first entered the realm of energetic healing when my physical body crashed into stage 3 adrenal exhaustion and I was diagnosed with lupus in my late 20s. My side job at the time was as a fitness trainer, and the fitness coordinator at one of the gyms offered me my first ever healing session. My curiosity was piqued.

My next introduction to energy healing came through a slew of intense fitness certifications through the CHEK Institute in Vista, California (the Ultra Spiritual JP Sears was on the faculty at that time). Through my trainings to become a CHEK Practitioner and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, I grew more and more acquainted with just how much of our physical experience is influenced by energetics, and the extent to which targeting physical issues at the root – on an energetic level – makes an impact. During the time I was training at the CHEK Institute, I nearly quit (but didn't) my Masters degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, with a specialization in Performance Enhancement. I realized how outdated and incomplete traditional curriculum can be, yet I completed my M.S. and have incorporated my holistic perspectives into the foundational scientific work. From there, I went on to a year-long transformational journey and certification called Healing with Light, then-based out of Silver Spring, Maryland (I lived in the DC area at the time).  

Over the years, I've continued to follow my intuition and train with whomever I felt called towards. I've accumulated experience working with numerous powerful modalities including Reiki, EFT or "Investigative Tapping," Empowered Energetics, the Akashic Records, the Emotion Code, Anahata Codes (Quantum Frequencies), Sacred Activations, Core Expansion, and Sacred Embodiment: the Method.