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Are you in the mood for magic? Then let’s play! You'll begin shifting as soon as you book your session, so ready...set...go!

Sacred Embodiment Clearing + Activation Sessions

The foundation for all sessions will be Sacred Embodiment: the Method and (for live sessions) use of the 10 meditations clearing tool (an extremely powerful clearing statement which draws on the power of the 10 Embody the Sacred Clearing Activations.). While other modalities have contributed to my overall experience and capacity, combining my skills with SETM ensures that the clearing occurs powerfully, purely, and without distortion.

“The 10 Embody the Sacred clearing activations are designed to support you in 100% restoring your Original Human Lightbody to Planetary level.”

Using the Embody the Sacred 10 meditations will:

  • Bring you to levels of emotional stability and resilience you never thought possible

  • Clear triggers so that drama and relationship difficulties fall away

  • Build a strong connection to the deep peace at your core

  • Create a static-free connection to your intuition and Divine inspiration

  • Stabilises your energy system at increasingly higher frequencies

  • Increase physical energy and strength + melt away physical complaints

  • Clarify your true purpose and provide powerful insights into how to take action towards it


Send me an email with your intentions or areas of concern to be covered during your session. I'll notify you when I'm beginning your session, although you can go about your regular routine. Post-session, you'll receive brief notes about what was cleared. Please note: Honoring ourselves and each other - especially with energy work - is key! Payment must be submitted at least 24 hours BEFORE your scheduled time (see links above). If it's not received, your booking will be cancelled so that time can be re-allocated in a supportive way.

  • Remote Sessions: $75

    • Remote sessions incorporate Sacred Embodiment: the Method and require less investment (even though they’re POWERFUL!) because they allow me to work fluidly within my own energy rhythms and schedule.

  • Live Sessions: $125

    • Live Sessions incorporate both Sacred Embodiment: the Method AND the 10 Meditations Clearing Tool (with Universal clearing access). The investment is higher because it requires an additional energetic and time commitment for me to block off a specified time in my schedule.

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